Atmosphere, deM atlaS, The Lioness, DJ Keezy
Sat January 19, 2019 7:00 pm (Doors: 7:00 pm )
Bourbon Theatre

Doors & Music: 7 p.m. || All Ages
$25: General Admission
$2 Minor Fee at the Door

Tickets on-sale Friday October 19th @ 10 a.m.


::: Atmosphere :::


Defining success is not an exact science by any means. In some ways, it’s

especially difficult to quantify one’s success when they have a job that places

them in the public eye, a position that is ripe for critique and high expectations.

Perhaps those who best thrive in those scenarios are the ones who can navigate

through all noise and continue to evolve and grow, both in their skill sets and as



In many ways, that is an integral part of the Atmosphere story. Over their twenty-

year career they have managed to continually tweak and strive to perfect their

formula, while neither straying too far off their path, nor resorting to playing it

safe. Starting at 1997’s Overcast, the group’s first official album, and traveling

through 18 years of new albums, side projects (e.g. the Sad Clown series and

Felt), and various collaborations, all the way up until 2014’s Southsiders album,

Atmosphere’s music has evolved in a way that differs from many of their peers

and predecessors. A hard look at that evolution doesn’t reveal the commonalities

of following trends or struggling to fit in, by either over-extending in an effort to

stay cool to the younger generation, or succumbing to the pressure people tend

to place on artists to maintain the same sound from album to album. Instead, the

Atmosphere discography evolves in a natural way.


Musically, Ant has continued to define Atmosphere’s sound, ranging from a

healthy mixture of upbeat and fun, to the oft more iconic, moody and personal.

Through out the 1990s, Ant spent countless hours in his basement with a wealth

of records, a keyboard sampler, a turntable and a 4-track, working with a who’s

who of the Twin Cities’ Rap talent of that time. Those experiences tuned his ear,

molded his work ethic, and shaped his vision. In turn, those lessons have

continually become more prominent in the Atmosphere aesthetic, blending live

musicians and sampled production with his keen sense of how to compose a

well-arranged song. [more]